CEO response to claims on regional airlines subsidising OneSKY program

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Today in a letter to journalist Ean Higgins, 航空负责 Australia CEO 杰森Harfield refuted recent allegations published in 澳大利亚 这表明地区性航空公司将在全国范围内承担更高的费用来资助OneSKY.


我写此信是针对我们收到的您的问题以及您最近在澳大利亚报纸上发表的关于OneSKY澳大利亚项目的文章,这些文章借鉴了最近发布的材料 Freedom of Information legislation to Senator Rex Patrick.

In regards to today’s article, ‘Regional airlines to subsidise Defence bill’, 2018年5月9日, 你错误地引用了我发给空军元帅戴维斯的信件(日期为2017年9月29日), 信息自由文档没有. 2):

We would intend to recover these costs (of hosting military controllers in Brisbane) 扩大我们在达尔文和汤斯维尔的民用飞机收费制度”.

我注意到你在括号中添加了额外的信息,我在上面强调了这些信息. This additional information, which was in the letter I wrote to Air Marshal Davies, 是潜在的误导和不承认的文章中添加的你. 我附上了原信(附件A)作为参考,以突出我认为是对原报价不道德的错误描述.

正如我们在回答你的问题时多次向你指出的, my letter to Chief of Air Force (信息自由文档没有. 26) dated 30 November 2017 (Attachment B), which you have in your possession, is clear about the provision of OneSKY infrastructure in Brisbane. I have quoted the relevant paragraph verbatim:

达尔文和汤斯维尔的大部分空中交通是民用的(见下表),这些地点的空中交通管理对国内网络有重大影响. With civil operations able to be managed safely, and significantly more efficiently, from a consolidated location, 航空公司有能力接受布里斯班所需基础设施的成本,并从现有收费中收回这些成本. 从主要航空公司得到的反馈是,他们认为与民用航空公司保持更紧密的合作将带来显著的好处,并支持任何合理的收费增加以实现这一结果.”

进一步, 信中还阐明了达尔文和汤斯维尔对布里斯班澳门在线威尼斯网址的合并如何在不影响国防澳门在线威尼斯网址提供和能力的同时,拯救了澳大利亚纳税澳门在线威尼斯网址. 事实上, 该方案将达尔文和汤斯维尔进场澳门在线威尼斯网址提供与航空澳门在线威尼斯网址和国防部远程提供进场澳门在线威尼斯网址的更广泛实践结合起来. Again, for clarity, the relevant paragraph explaining this is extracted below:

我想向你们保证,航空澳门在线威尼斯网址部门之所以继续追求这一选择,是因为我们相信,它可以在不影响国防澳门在线威尼斯网址提供和能力的情况下实施. In 航空负责 experience, the provision of approach services 是否位置不重要,可以从任何澳门威尼斯十大官网设施澳门威尼斯十大官网有效地提供. There are many examples of this being implemented successfully including: 航空负责 recent consolidation of its Cairns and Adelaide approach services to Brisbane and Melbourne respectively; 航空负责 provision of Edinburgh approach services for Defence from our Melbourne facility; and Defence’s provision of Pearce approach services from 航空负责 Perth facility. 我们还能够利用航空澳门在线威尼斯网址设施的民用和军事管制员管理军事演习(例如,护身符军刀演习).”

As per our previous responses to you, 我在2017年11月30日的来信中回答了您的大部分问题,并解释了我们在澳大利亚竞争和消费者委员会的监管和审查下的收费.

In regard to the actual cost to the airlines, I have also attached a letter (Attachment C) I sent to airlines on 1 March 2018, 确认我们的客户不会因交付OneSKY而增加费用. 虽然您可以通过公开记录轻松获取这些信息(包括2018年2月26日的Hansard额外预算估算听证会), I provide the relevant paragraph below:

通过我们的加速项目实现的效率提高,我们已经安排航空澳门在线威尼斯网址公司在不增加航空公司费用的情况下交付OneSKY, in effect delivering the benefits to you, 我们的客户, while also delivering a reduction in prices (in real terms) over the roll out period”.

I am also very concerned by the tenor of your emails to 航空负责 media officers. 在过去, we have provided a lot of information to you in response to questions, little of which seems to have been included in the articles you write. 你咄咄逼澳门在线威尼斯网址的语气和威胁的本质,航空澳门在线威尼斯网址员工试图帮助你是不专业的和, 在我看来, 不道德的.

In order to ensure complete transparency, 我将在我们的网站上公布这些信件,以及上述提到的相关信件. I will also be forwarding it to Senator Rex Patrick for his information.



Chief Executive Officer

Posted on: May 9, 2018




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