Women encouraged to become air traffic controllers


A job in air traffic control can be rewarding, 刺激和灵活, with plenty of opportunity for career progression no matter your background or life experience.

That was the takeaway message for dozens of women who participated in a recent air traffic control information session in Melbourne. 

The event coincided with International Women’s Day celebrations as this year’s theme focuses on the benefits of promoting gender balance in the workplace. 

Those attending the session heard from several of 澳大利亚航空负责’s female air traffic controllers, 包括阿玛莉亚Mauceri, who was mid-way through a medical science degree when she decided to set her sights on a new career. 

“可以说我帮助了很多澳门在线威尼斯网址, many people get from A to B safely and efficiently is a great feeling,”她说.  

Ms Mauceri encourages those women interested in the job to be open to the process.

“You don’t need to have completed physics, you don’t need to have done long degrees,”她说.

“It’s available to anyone who is willing to give it a go and has the resilience and mindset to get through the training.”

Currently only around 13 % of air traffic controllers are women. 

Session participant Louise said she decided to come after reading about a female air traffic controller’s experiences in the job. 

“I really like problem solving and I find a lot of confidence in high-pressure situations so I think that working in air traffic control would satisfy both of those personal points of mine,”她说. 

Air traffic controllers come from a variety of work and education backgrounds, with 澳大利亚航空负责 actively encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

No prior knowledge in aviation is needed and it’s one of the few careers left where you can earn while you learn. 

To apply, you must be 18, able to work in Australia and have completed year 12. 

The first thing applicants will do is complete an online assessment which includes testing on spatial reasoning, 计算, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning. 

Those who are successful with the online test will continue through the process until potentially being chosen to begin training in Melbourne.  You can find more information about the recruitment process at www.careera1.com/careers  





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